Business side of construction

My older brother owns a construction company and he has done pretty well since he started it up a couple of years ago. I’m 24 and looking to make a career change, so I talked to him and he’s interested in taking on someone to manage the business end of the operation (i.e. meeting with clients, estimates, admin stuff, and the works), basically, he would like me to feed his teamwork. He’s been doing it fine on his own, but he’s more interested in the actual work/ leading the crew. I’m very interested in getting into the business, but I have really no experience in construction at all. I was hoping you folks would be able to point me in a decent direction. I’m ready to work and I’m in a position where I can take any classes or whatever is necessary. Outside of actually working in the field, what classes or programs should I be looking into? What kind of online resources are there so I can learn as much as possible? He wants to take me on, but I want to make sure I’ll be valuable to his company. Thanks

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