Here’s the bottom line: for your project to be a success, you need someone coordinating all the moving parts and pieces, 24/7. One person acting on your behalf to stay one step ahead, at every stage of your build.

Why Us?

We know every construction project is different. We also understand a construction project can be one of the largest endeavors an organization will embark upon. Our priority is to protect you from the risks involved while ensuring your projects are within budget and delivered on time.

Every project demands the full attention, professionalism and energy of its project team. As industry leaders, we oversee activities ranging from conceptual design and planning, all the way through construction and facility operations giving you the confidence to focus on driving the productivity and profit of your core business.

1. Site Analysis / Incentives

We identify client geographic needs and budget expectations by utilizing in-house real estate and site selection professionals to locate optimal development sites. We also work with tribal, state and local authorities to identify all possible financial incentives.

2. Pre-construction

The process of bringing you cost savings at every phase of the project continues by identifying and implementing the most economical, functional, and efficient “all-in” program budget/schedule. With decades of experience we can tell you who to hire, establish expectations, manage risks, and ensure the most efficient and positive outcome for your project.

3. Construction

As your owner’s rep, we manage all architects, general contractors, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers from start to finish. We also manage the established budget and schedule through the entirety of your project, as well as compliance with required permitting, zoning, bonding and insurance to make sure you’re fully covered and informed every step of the way.