Our road, pavement and bridge building capabilities are one of our core construction segment. Our extensive expertise allows us to take on all aspects of bridge engineering including electrical work and road works. We adhere strictly to legislative safety requirements throughout the construction, refurbishment, repairs or upgrade procedure, using the correct equipment both below and above water. STRACON is also qualified to act as an assessor to carry out road & bridge construction engineering and infrastructure controls.

Over the past years, we have developed into a mid-tier construction company with the capability and expertise to deliver large-scale design and construct contracts.

Over the course of these years, our continuous learning curve within this specific sector has led us to become expert problem-solvers and advisors, from the planning and design of standard or unique bridge infrastructure concepts to their completion.

Few transport assets have been delivered while maintaining a strong commitment to community engagement and health, safety and environmental management principles. We also provide long-term operational support and maintenance services to public and private road asset owners in Pakistan.